A beautiful body awaits you at Better Bodies Contouring

Beautiful bodies is not the domain of the rich and famous and North Balwyn Village’s latest business addition, Better Bodies Contouring sure knows how to dispel the myths and help you create your beautiful body.

Meet Leah McLeod with a personality brighter, bigger and boasting beauty with each pearly white she displays. Leah has opened her beautiful studio at North Balwyn Village upstairs in Marwal Avenue at the corner of 72 Doncaster Road, to deliver your body that Better Bodies Contouring pick-me-up you have been looking for.

“My service delivery and approach is to look after people and some of them are at very vulnerable times in their lives. My Better Bodies Contouring Clinic is not about vanity, but how best to live in the skin you’re given,” Leah McLeod says.

“I work with women whose bellies, thighs and love handles drive them crazy; women in menopause.

“So many women feel they are stuck but I work with them to help them transition their life and assist with an all over approach to life.

“I work with brides and mothers-of-the-bride and groom, to get them at a place where they are feeling at their best.

“Our Better Bodies Contouring programs provide cellulite reduction and permanent fat reduction.

“Sculpt ID is the process of heating the fat cells. Fat freezing is the process of freezing the fat cells, then the body cleans up the dead cells and flushes them out the body. Both treatments are extremely effective and deliver permanent results.”

For time-poor people, a lunch-time visit can create body wonders. Better Bodies Contouring provides comfort, speed and technology create new bodies.

Better Bodies Contouring technology offers pelvic floor repair where post-partem women have suffered a pelvic floor collapse. Leah McLeod says in four sessions a grade 1 to grade 5 repair can be achieved.

Those suffering urinary prostatitis can also find relief at Better Bodies Contouring.

Why set up at North Balwyn Village?

Better Body Contouring has been operating at Templestowe Lower for a long time. Leah McLeod saw she was outgrowing her business there and seven months ago started to look around for a new premises.

A while back she met Mel Mutore who visited Better Bodies Contouring Clinic for rehab work on her calf muscles. The EMS sculpt built up her calf muscles.

The two bonded as friends. Mel is a pilates instructor and her business is Fusion Pilates. They saw it made perfect sense to find a premises that could house the two complementary businesses.

Good electrical connections and stable electricity flow are integral to both businesses.

Mel Mutore stumbled across North Balwyn Village and immediately was taken by the beautiful village feel, amazing shops, brilliant people and outstandingly supportive community.

“We were able to find leases side by side, and premises with powerpoints everywhere because it used to be a former hairdressing salon,” Leah McLeod says.

Better Bodies Contouring together with Fusion Pilates bring two new business offerings to North Balwyn Village offering beauty and confidence at everyone’s level.

Leah McLeod says Better Bodies Contouring would be the cheapest body contouring clinic in Melbourne.

“We’ve priced ourselves so people can use us. We want to help people and love the guts out of them.”

As a former television host Leah McLeod says she’s never done something so amazing and satisfying as running Better Bodies Contouring Clinic.

Better Bodies Contouring is one of 55 businesses offering a unique shopping and service experience to our customers. Come shop at North Balwyn Village – where the biggest smiles and the best service are waiting to greet you.


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