Chantelle Hamilton Flowers for Valentines and Galentines

Big and beautiful – let flowers describe your heart this Valentine’s Day with the big, the bold and the beautiful blooms from Chantelle Hamilton Flowers located in the arcade at 70 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn Village.

The talented Chantelle Hamilton floral designs are highly sought after. Anyone who engages Chantelle to create that special floral arrangement or selects one of her signature custom designs will know they are buying a quality product that will last the longest time possible for this special, perishable product.

The freshness of her flowers is paramount, the colour and style of her flower arrangements is as individual as the person buying them and the person receiving them.

“This Valentine’s Day we have our special creations available as custom orders online – see the anthuriums, flexed roses (or lovingly known as beautiful big bloom roses) and orchids,” Chantelle Hamilton says.

“The colours blooming in our blooms this Valentine’s Day are latte pinks and reds.”

“We like to focus on beautiful designs people are going to love. There is a growing trend moving in the direction of designer flowers and flower displays,” Chantelle Hamilton says.

For Chantelle Hamilton, her favourite flower arrangement styles are those that are displayed en-masse … “just getting those three or four bunches of flowers that make an impact.”

Roses this Valentine’s Day are very good quality and sourced from the best growers. “It’s important to us we offer a premium product for our Valentines and Galentines.

Yes, that’s right the Mylee Cyrus Galentine movement is spreading with her top trending song “Flowers”. Chantelle says girls are buying flowers for their girlfriends, especially after significant moments in each other’s lives.

Chantelle Hamilton Flowers is located in the beautiful, old world arcade at 70 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn Village. She opened her shopfront just as COVID was closing businesses. Despite the tough times, her flowers were and continue to be designed to bring joy to people’s lives. There is no greater joy to Chantelle and her team when someone returns to her shop and tells her how long the flowers lasted and what happiness they brought to them.

Chantelle Hamilton Flowers is one of 55 businesses offering a unique shopping and service experience to our customers. Come shop at North Balwyn Village – where the biggest smiles and the best service are waiting to greet you. To order your flowers for this Valentine’s Day and any other day of the year go to

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