Check out what’s new at North Balwyn Village

It might be super cold outside, but things are warming up at North Balwyn Village this winter with the arrival of four new businesses at North Balwyn Village.

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Starting in poll position this week with What’s New at North Balwyn is Superbike Café Racers, the new café at the Village located at 87 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn.

Check out in coming weeks profiles about our other three additions to the Village shops:

Better Bodies Contouring

Fusion Pilates

And the new owner of The Village Café – Peter Lemonis

Superbike sports a rare Triumph Café Racer in the café window and a Ducati 999 at the back of the café where groups can enjoy a gathering. This latest addition to North Balwyn Village shops is sure to bring a clientele from far and wide to enjoy these two-wheeled sporting beauties … and we’re told the owners have a few more rare two-wheeled beauties they will swap in and out from time to time.

Read more here about Superbike Café Racers here: 

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