Find freshness and distinctive Japanese cuisine at Saki Restaurant

Japanese cuisine is known for its attention to detail, use of fresh ingredients, and harmonious presentation of dishes.

Saki Restaurant at North Balwyn Village offers a unique dining experience that sets it apart from its peers and together with the culture of Japanese food enjoyment, there is much to experience at this long-serving North Balwyn eatery.

Owners Mandy and husband Roger have been preparing the freshest and best of Japanese cuisine at North Balwyn Village for 26 years.

Their raw fish sushi, tempura, Teriyaki grilled beef dishes and bento boxes are all made fresh to order.

Their restaurant is located in the back corner of the pretty and quaint Village Arcade at 70 Doncaster Road. So while footpath and street traffic doesn’t always find them new customers, the recommendations from the four generations of regular diners they have been serving over the 26 years is testament to their success.

Mandy Qin says: “We love that we have come to know the families so well. Some of them used to be children when they first came here with their parents and grandparents and now they are parents themselves, enjoying our food and dining experience with their own children.”

Mandy says she can see the transition in how families like to enjoy their Saki meals. “If they have a young family they normally order takeaway. As the children get older we start to see them coming in for dinner. Having a good website is a great way to spread the story about our food and dining experience.

“We like to think of our restaurant where stories are shared over a nice meal. Sometimes people will move away from this area, but they still come back to have dinner with us.”

Mandy and Roger love preparing Japanese food. “It’s fresh and not too heavy. We’ve had the privilege of making lots of lovely friends from the many diners who keep returning to Saki,” Mandy says.

Here are a couple of traditional Japanese favourites and how they are prepared for your Japanese cuisine enjoyment and understanding.

Sushi and sashimi are classic Japanese dishes that are both visually stunning and delicious. Fresh raw fish is carefully sliced and served with rice, seaweed, and other accompaniments. The artful presentation of sushi and sashimi is a testament to the precision and care that goes into Japanese cooking.

Dinner at Saki Restaurant is a truly memorable experience.

Saki Restaurant is open Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm. The kitchen closes at 9pm. Takeaway is available and 10% discount is offered for orders of $50 or more.

Saki Restaurant is one of 55 businesses offering a shopping and services experience to our customers. Come shop with us – where the biggest smiles and the best service are waiting to greet you.

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