Fusion Pilates gives you the whole body experience

The stars have aligned for The Village newest business owner Melissa Muratore who has opened her Fusion Pilates studio in Marwal Avenue on the corner of 72A Doncaster Road, North Balwyn.

Melissa Muratore has been wanting to open her studio closer to home for some time and absolutely loved The Village feel but needed to find a suitable premises for her fitness and well-being offering. It finally landed in her lap and together with Better Bodies Contouring owner Leah McLeod, the couple set up two complementary businesses to bring greater lifestyle living offerings to The Village shoppers and the Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Melissa Muratore has a background in human movement and exercise science and also holds multiple Pilates practitioner certifications such as Level 4 APMA as a Pilates practitioner, a Level 4 DMA as a clinical Pilates practitioner, Lagree fitness level 2 certification and is also a recognised strength and conditioning coach.. She is qualified in full studio Pilates which entails working with five different pieces of Pilates equipment.

Having been a clinical Pilates teacher for 20 years teaching at Windy Hill Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Clinic, as well as a former Essendon Football Club pilates instructor for both AFL and VFL team, in 2014 Melissa created Fusion Pilates and continued in Essendon where she had two studios.

After COVID she decided she wanted to be closer to home. Love and her new family brought her to North Balwyn.

“I just love The Village feel. There is nothing like it in the area and it provides me the perfect work-life balance with my partner,” Melissa Muratore says.

“At Fusion Pilates there are no more than four to five people in a class. We offer a lot of one on one classes or 2 on one classes and individualised programs. People can also enjoy a fitness circuit where they will use all the equipment.

“Fusion Pilates is for everyone – men, women, teenagers, rehabilitation post injury, improving sports performance, wedding preparations and also for people needing back strengthening and improving sore backs. Golfers too get great results with Fusion Pilates.

“Anyone who is not a fan of going to the gym, we can offer a program personalised for them that gives them something different to do.”

The 45 minute Fusion Fit classes are the perfect solution for individuals who have some exercise experience and are seeking a challenging, low-impact workout that uses a variety of equipment.

Combining elements of Pilates, Lagree and strength training, Fusion Fit is a full-body workout that can help build strength, improve flexibility, and increase cardiovascular endurance in a circuit style class. These classes are run with no more than 4-5 people per class.

Unlike common Pilates classes which typically rely on only a Reformer, the Fusion Fit classes use a variety of Pilates equipment in a circuit style and include trapeze table, core align, Wunda chair and Ladder barrel alongside the Megaformer.

Fusion Pilates offers two types of classes. Pilates PT is a private 1:1 or 2:1  session designed around the individual’s goals and needs.

Clients can choose to stay 1:1 or join a semi-private group of no more than 3-4 people. These sessions all begin with a private consultation to determine the person’s personalised program. During the semi private classes, you will be given exercises and stretches suited to your own personal needs and goals.

Fusion Pilates uses a mixture of Pilates equipment in each session including Megaformer, Wunda Chair, Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel, Core Align and more.

The other class selection is to join a current class or create your own private class with friends or family members, training together while still receiving personalised instruction.

Fusion Pilates has two great winter introductory offers available.

Winter PT starter pack offers 10 Pilates PT classes beginning with an initial private consultation valued at $540. Experience the Fusion Pilates difference on a variety of Pilates equipment. This offer Expires 1 September 2023.

Ongoing Beginner Intro Pass $130 for a private assessment and two semi private classes.

Fusion Pilates is one of 55 businesses offering a unique shopping and service experience to our customers. Come shop at North Balwyn Village – where the biggest smiles and the best service are waiting to greet you.


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