Get the Cinderella treatment at Stanley & Stone and Village boutiques

Ladies, ladies, ladies – we all know roses are red, violets are blue, but in this case, keep the flowers and give us the shoes.

North Balwyn Village’s super sassy Stanley & Stone has all your race season comfort and style sorted out for your feet; they can accessorise with a stunning handbag, pretty jewellery, a coat, a jacket, an umbrella … just to finish off, and nothing like your own colour-matched Frank Green drink bottle.

It’s style with all the panache, but without the pricetag at Stanley & Stone, North Balwyn Village.

The gorgeous staff at Stanley & Stone are ready to give you the Cinderella treatment where the latest offerings from style creators:

Zoe Kratsmann

Frankie 4


Alfie & Evie

Alvio Zanon


DoF (Department of Finery)

As well as Archies

Clothes boutique shopping

Other fabulous clothes and styling for this race season are available at these beautiful North Balwyn Village shops:

Amanda’s Boutique is brimming with new stock that will tempt you with something stunning for your race day function.

Fella Hamilton sure knows how to make you feel special with fashions that will take you from sunrise to sunset in style, comfort, sassiness, panache and glamour.

And if you’re doing a head to toe makeover for the races, then head straight into these hairdressers to get you started with head first beauty at:

Hair and Beauty

Check out these amazing hairdressers at North Balwyn Village to have the right hair do to prop your headpiece. Visit the professional hairdressing teams at:

Heading Out Hair and Beauty

Saje Haircutters

Serenity Face and Body


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