Hop into North Balwyn Village shops for all the best of your Easter needs

As Easter approaches, our shops at North Balwyn Village are stocked with treats, gifts, fashion and food for everything you need for this special holiday weekend.

And not only are there treats at North Balwyn Village shops for the traditional Easter celebrations from 7-10 April but also for Greek Easter on 16 April.

From traditional chocolate eggs to the Italian Easter Colomba cake (panettone in the shape of a dove drizzled with thin icing), the best of the season’s lamb to create a delicious pascal lamb meal, something special to wear or accessorise, a new hair colour or style, or a gift for the family or friend hosting Easter celebrations, there’s a range of products and services to cater to every taste and budget at North Balwyn Village.

Our local shops are offering a range of unique Easter treats and services that are sure to have you hopping with excitement.

Try some of these North Balwyn Village shops who are ready to bring a memorable Easter to your home:


Olive Lane – a wonderful selection of cakes and Greek candles and sweet treats.

Salzano Delicatessen – the traditional Italian Colomba cake, antipasto platters and lots of home-made gourmet delights ready to please your family and guests.

Meat in a Box – Butcher Andrew brings six generations of butchery to North Balwyn Village and we’re told his lamb is the best of the best, as are all his other delicious meats and prepared dishes ready to cook.

Signorelli’s – Colin, Dean and father Dino, who started the shop, bring the best of autumn produce to your Easter table. Grapes and plums are at their season best and for something a bit more exotic, look for custard apples, figs and the paw paws are sweet and delicious.


Looking for something new to wear this Easter then North Balwyn Village is definitely the fashion street that has something to tempt all tastes and ages. Try:

Amanda’s Boutique

Fella Hamilton

Stanley & Stone which now has opened it’s second shop to accessorise all your clothing choices with great shoes, handbags and bling to tsparkle … and you can grab your Frank Green water bottles here too!

And for the most fashionable kids in town then go to:

Kruz Kids

Decorating your home, flowers or giving a gift

Wanting to put a bit of a hop into your home this Easter then why not choose beautiful flowers or some homewares to give your home a fresh up. These also make great gift for someone special hosting Easter this year:

Chantelle Hamilton Design for beautifully curated bunches of flowers

Cultivate Nursery and Gifts for both your garden and that someone special, here you will find potted plants, seedlings and beautiful bouquets to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Iikos Design Gift & Homewares

Hair and beauty

Looking for that bit of a lift and zhoosh, then let these three fabulous North Balwyn Village businesses make you look your glamorous best from head to toe.

Heading Out Hair & Beauty

Saje Haircutters

Serenity Hair and Body

One of the most exciting aspects of Easter shopping at North Balwyn Village is the opportunity to support small businesses and independent retailers. Many of the shops are family-run and have been part of the community for generations, providing a friendly and personal service to customers.

North Balwyn Village Traders Association president Ana Salzano says, “We love Easter at the Village. It’s a chance for us to showcase our creativity and create some truly special ideas that might suit our customers. We love seeing our regular customers and welcoming new ones to our shops. It’s a really special time of the year for us.”

With so much on offer, Easter shopping at North Balwyn Village is a true delight. Whether you’re looking for traditional Easter treats or unique gifts and decorations, we have everything you need to make the traditional Easter long weekend and Greek Easter weekend truly special.


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