In 2009, our founders John de la Motte and Lucas Filer decided to embark on building a comprehensive, enterprise designed school platform. John and Lucas met at AMP (formerly AXA) over a team lunch, and bonded over their passion for technology in education. Having undertaken scholarship degrees at Swinburne University and Monash University respectively, and having worked in a combination of technology and multinational companies, they sought to develop an enterprise solution for schools.

After several months of 20 hour days filled with thousands of lines of code and the latest ‘Owl City’ album on constant repeat, the Compass platform was born.

Now headquartered in Balwyn North in Melbourne, Australia, our team provides amazing administration and learning management experiences to schools throughout Australia and Europe.

Over the years we’ve worked with thousands of educators and administrative staff members around the world to deliver unique innovation to the education space, working every day to improve the educational experience for students, teachers and parents. We’re also committed to the continued development of our platform, and welcome your feedback on how we can make Compass even better.


Level 2, 74 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North Victoria 3104, Australia

Phone Number

03 9005 5127