North Balwyn Village call to slow down traffic raised in Parliament

Kew MP Jess Wilson is delivering on her pre-election promises.

In the lead up to the election Jess Wilson promised the businesses and residents in and around the North Balwyn Village she would lobby to make Doncaster Road at the North Balwyn Village shops a 40km zone.

In a question to State Parliament on Tuesday 2 May, Jess Wilson got the wheels in motion on this promise. While The Village Traders Association wants to slow the wheels, The Village Traders Association wants to speed them up State Government action to implement this important speed reduction desperately needed in the area.


“My question is to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. When will the minister install a 40-kilometre zone along Doncaster Road through the Balwyn North village shopping strip?

“Balwyn North Village is home to many vibrant small businesses, from Salzano’s Deli, owned by the hardworking Ana Salzano, President of the Traders Association, to Ainsley and Narelle at Stanley & Stone, Sam at the popular Village Cafe and Rocco and the team at Signorelli’s fruit shop,” Jess Wilson said.

“Traders and shoppers are rightly concerned that the current 60-kilometre speed limit is dangerous for the shopping strip and discourages pedestrians’ activities, with near misses occurring all too often.

“It is also a risk for the hundreds of parishioners at the Greek Orthodox Church located at the eastern end of the strip.Further, just 100 metres off Doncaster Road from the shopping strip is the wonderful St Bede’s Primary School.

“Reducing the limit to 40 kilometres an hour is incredibly important for the safety of our community – shoppers, traders, parishioners, parents and primary school students alike.

“It will help increase pedestrian foot traffic, making it a more welcoming and accessible community hub, backing our small businesses.

“I call on the minister to provide an update as to when the North Balwyn village will see their much-needed 40-kilometre zone,” Jess Wilson concluded.

North Balwyn Village president Ana Salzano said, “The trams speed along to get to the terminus up the road and coming back they’re on a downhill run and cars keep up pace with the trams to get past. It’s important we slow down the traffic and stop all the accidents.

“We want our shoppers and visitors to feel safe from all traffic when crossing the road. With churches, schools and the Village business centre we are busy shopping strip that needs traffic calming, Ana Salzano said.

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