Pharmacy team are trusted health advisers

Since the 1950s, 81 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn has operated as a pharmacy.
Today it is known as the Amcal Pharmacy North Balwyn Pharmacy where current owners Sam Koroneos and David Lam have been looking after the health needs of the local community for 25 years.
It’s not only the owners but also the staff Tracey and Milana who are a familiar face and have been serving and helping customers for almost as long for 19 and 20 years respectively.
The pharmacy has also hosted numerous pharmacy students and Sam and David continue to be mentors to the next generation of pharmacists.
Customers know Sam, David and the staff at the Amcal North Balwyn Pharmacy, not only in their role as health professionals, but also as trusted friends who will help them in their time of need.
Sam Koroneos says the little kids he was seeing coming in with their parents 25 years ago are parents themselves now and he’s looking after their children.
“I’ve had people collapsing in the store and not feeling well and taking them home, making sure they’re OK. It’s all part of looking after our customers. When they come and see us, a lot of the time, they need medication or advice, so we need to expect there might be extra help needed for them,” Sam Koroneos says.
Customers may have taken a trip down memory lane and seen some of the original pharmacist’s books on display at the serving counter from the mid 1950s. Customers’ prescriptions and purchases are recorded in the book in pounds, shillings and pence and medication measures were in the old imperial system.
Some local North Balwyn residents may remember that Ken Murphy was the original pharmacist who started with Amcal at 81 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn. Sam Koroneos started at 81 Doncaster Road with one of the legends in the pharmacy world – John Keogh. Before he retired, David Lam joined Sam in the pharmacy.
“Times are changing all around us,” Sam Koroneos says, but what doesn’t change is people are still needing their vaccinations, their medicine scripts filled, home delivery is still needed for the elderly and everyone needs their pharmacist to be their trusted health professional. That’s just some of who and what we are and deliver at Amcal North Balwyn Pharmacy.”
Call into THE AMCAL NORTH BALWYN PHARMACY today, 81 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North. Phone: 03 9859 3127.
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