Snip and style – Saint Barbers is a cut above the rest

When you walk down a shopping street, sometimes there’s an arcade that opens your experience to something very special.

The shopping arcade located at 70 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn Village is just that. With its quaint black and white striped hooded shop canopies and a feel that teleports you to a time, space and place where shopping precincts were a destination, you find this little gem.

Tucked inside what is a lovely selection of restaurants, clothes shops, jeweller and florist is Saint Barbers – an iconic men’s barber shop where Erin Bond clicks her shears to create the latest male hair styles on her customers and she certainly does cut the locks for female customers and is a deft hand with making children feel really comfortable in the chair.

The shop opened in July 2020 just before the first COVID lockdown. It was a testing time of what the future would bring. We’re marching towards 2023 and Erin Bond’s hair salon is as strong as ever.

“I’ve been cutting hair for 17 years. A lot of men like to get hair cuts more regularly because their styles are shorter than they used to be and they need that sculptured look,” Erin Bond says.

“Barber shops have now become more popular from the old school barber shops.”

Erin prefers to receive bookings from customers, rather than walk-ins, but walk-ins are certainly welcome.

“I like to take time with hair cuts and I’m aware that people are time-sensitive, so I don’t like to keep them waiting if I have another client booked in.

“I love working with all kinds of hair – short, long and everything in between. It makes the job fun having all kinds of hair lengths and styles to work with.

“We’ve now been open for a year and I remember when we opened after the lockdowns we did three months of haircuts in three weeks. We worked really late so many nights. Then we had the situation where everyone’s haircuts were due at the same time after that busy period. It was huge,” Erin Bond says.

Erin certainly knows the difficulties of juggling work, a business and a family. She recently became mum to her first child, so fully understands time is precious to her customers as well, so is always keen to give the best style and cut and not keep her customers waiting.

Make your hair cut booking today at SAINT BARBERS, Shop 6, 70A Doncaster Road, Balwyn North. Phone: 03 9193 6989.

SAINT BARBERS is one of 55 businesses offering a shopping and services experience to our customers. Come shop with us – where the biggest smiles and the best service are waiting to greet you.



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