The Village celebrates the seniors in our community – John and Elaine Tynan’s story

North Balwyn Village loves to celebrate all the ages of life and celebrating our seniors gives us lots to smile about.

The North Balwyn Village community enjoys the memories our older shoppers share of the changes they have seen in North Balwyn over the years and here we share some of those memories with our readers and shoppers.

John and Elaine Tynan started married life in North Balwyn as local residents some 65 years ago and come to know the North Balwyn Village shops from then to the now.

“When we first got married we lived opposite Hays Paddock,” John Tynan said.

“After three years I got a job in Newcastle and worked there then went to live in Papua New Guinea.”

John, an electrical engineer, worked in Bougainville.

In 1985, John and Elaine returned to North Balwyn with their five children, buying a home in Panoramic Road where they lived til 2006 and then moved to their current home in Maud Street.

“Back in the 80s we used to walk up to the Village shops. We’ve been shopping at The Village for nearly 40 years.

“We’d go to Murphy and Keogh chemists and we’ve always bought our fruit and vegetables from Signorelli’s. We always pop into the post office and the coffee places at The Village are great.

“We go to the Village Café and also pop into the arcade coffee shop and now most mornings we pop into Salzano’s Delicatessen for Ana’s aromatic coffee brew.

“We love coming to the North Balwyn shops,” John Tynan says. “It’s busy but not too busy and there’s a great selection of shops.

“The only thing we need to leave The Village is for our supermarket shopping,” John Tynan says.

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